Lincolnshire Workhouse Paupers

Lincolnshire Workhouse Paupers

Includes the names of Workhouse paupers in: Boston, Gainsborough, Grantham, Lincoln, Spalding etc for the year 1860.

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RETURNS from each WORKHOUSE in England and Wales, of the Name of every ADULT PAUPER who has been an Inmate of the Workhouse during a continuous Period of Five Years; stating the Amount of Time that each of such Inrushes shall have been in the Workhouse, and the Reason assigned why such Persons are unable to maintain themselves: And, of the Number of such Inmates who have been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School.

The Column headed " Whether or not the Pauper has been brought up in a District or Workhouse School," is imperfectly filled up, arising, it is presumed, from the difficulty of obtaining the necessary information, and from a misconception of the meaning of district school So far as district schools are concerned, it appears that there is only one instance of an inmate having been in such a school A district school was, in every other instance where it is mentioned in the Return, understood to refer to a school in the district; such as a national, or private school.